At FUNGUY’S MUSHROOMS, mushrooms are grown with passion! Specializing in premium organic, restaurant-quality mushrooms to the East bay and Stockton areas. Our varieties include, fresh and dried, Shiitake, Blue Oyster, King Trumpet, and Lions Mane, with more coming soon. We hope you enjoy eating our mushrooms as much as we enjoy growing them!


All of our mushrooms are organically grown in our indoor climate-controlled facility located in Stockton, California. With indoor growing, we can harvest year-round and avoid many harmful environmental conditions that destroy or reduce the quality of the mushroom. Our climate- controlled rooms are state of the art and maintain both temperature and humidity to rigid standards. This insures our customers receive the highest quality and most consistent mushrooms available.


Unlike other mushroom growers, we do not slice our mushrooms. Although many consumers like this feature, we believe any un-necessary handling of the mushrooms damages the quality. In addition, the slicing of mushrooms decreases the shelf life and physical appearance. We take pride in the quality of our mushrooms, insuring the freshest and best mushrooms you will ever taste. “IF WE DON’T LOVE ‘EM, WE WON’T SELL ‘ExambM”



At FUNGUY’S MUSHROOMS Company we strive to exceed our customer’s demands of the finest quality mushrooms by adhering to strict organic requirements, not using chemicals or fertilizers, and delivering them at a competitive price point. By adhering to these requirements, all materials used can be safely returned to the soil with no environmental impact. We will never compromise our belief in quality over quantity.



FUNGUY’S MUSHROOMS Company separates itself from its competitors by farming only a select few types of Organic mushrooms, which we believe have the best taste, texture, color and nutritional value. We offer these to our customers with the guarantee that “if we don’t love ‘em we won’t sell ‘em”. You can be sure that when you purchase FUNGUY’S MUSHROOMS, you will be receiving the finest quality mushroom available at any price.


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